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RocketLab launched four small satellites Aug. 19 on a mission that also brings the company one step closer to reusing the first stage of its Electron rockets. The Electron rocket
CubeSats have become an interesting innovation in the space sector. Such platforms are being used for several space applications, such as education, Earth remote sensing, science, and defense. As of
Lacuna Space a 3-year-old startup is part of a cresting wave of Internet of Things ventures seeking to deploy constellations of cubesats to connect a world awash in smart devices.
Currently, the number of global commercial space launch especially US commercial space launch increased fast. The number of US commercial space launches reached its peak in 2017 with a total

August 10, 2019

Smallsat Market (Report)

A small satellite, miniaturized satellite, or smallsat is a satellite of low mass and size, usually under 500 kg (1,100 lb). While all such satellites can be referred to as “small”, different classifications are used to categorize them
China’s latest launch of a Long March 2C rocket, from Xichang, China, on July 26 local time (July 25 EDT), included grid fins designed to do a better job of protecting populated areas
Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab is following in the footsteps of rocket behemoth SpaceX with plans to make its rockets reusable. But Rocket Lab won’t be landing its vehicles in
TriSept Corp., a launch integration and mission management company based in Chantilly, Virginia, announced a launch services agreement Aug. 5 with Rocket Lab and Millennium Space Systems for Dragracer, a
As NASA prepares to land humans on the Moon by 2024 with the Artemis program, commercial companies are developing new technologies, working toward space ventures of their own, and looking to NASA
Synspective Inc.,is a Japanese startup which provides satellite data solutions using small sized SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites. The company accumulated $100 million USD in funding since its foundation in
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